PUBG Mobile New Mode 'Clown Tricks" updated on Erangel Map : Check Features and Other Details Here

PUBG Mobile Beta v1.3 has been updated by the developers of the game and the new mode “Clown Tricks” has been updated in the 1.3 beta version. This latest mode is available only for the Global beta version. The players will find Clown Shops on the Erangel map whenever you connect in the match. The location of the clown shop is close to the severny and the rest of the clown’s shops' location will be revealed in the game on its own after a short time when you start the match. In the clown shop, a player can purchase lots of fun-related items and for that, a player will need 2 coins of both gold and silver. A player will get these coins while looting in the game. Players can buy three military vests, a level 3 backpack, AR extended quickdraw, scarl, and M416 from the clown shop. The below given three steps are very important for a player should know.

  • Pan Warfare: Playzone

The location of the next play zone will appear on a map. If a player is pushing the rank then this feature is best to use while playing the game.

  • Pan Warfare: Heat Map 

Places, where enemies have gathered together, will appear on the mini-map. This feature will show you the location of enemies, which is a very fun thing in the game.

  • Pan Warfare: Airdrop 

The Location of the next airdrop will appear on the mini-map. This feature is also quite right, if you want drop loot, then you can go to the clown shop and see the drop location.

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