PUBG New State Hidden Features you should know

PUBG Corporation and Krafton recently announced the game "New State". The trailer of the game is already released and available on the official social media account of PUBG. The official release date is not yet announced. It is expected that the New State game will set new records as PUBG fans are getting bored from the current game. As we saw in the trailer of the game, there are hidden features that may be available when the game will be available for download in Google Play Store and Apple Store. In this article, we will discuss the features expected to be coming in the PUBG New State game.

PUBG New State hidden features:-
  • Prosthetic Hand
As you can see in the below-given image, the man is prosthetic. hand. This image is taken from the New State official trailer.
  • Green Flare Gun
A flare gun may be a type of weapon. If a player will shoot from the gun, a small drop of yellow colour ill come. This image is taken from the New State registration page from the Google Play Store.
  • Rocket Launcher.
The rocket launcher will launch a kind of shell as we seen in the image taken from the New State Official trailer. This rocket launcher will be used to destroy the vehicle.
  • Buggy Seats
In this feature, two players will be able to sit in the same buggy. Buggy is a kind of vehicle.
  • M416 Gun with burst mode
The M416 is a type of weapon which will be available to use in burst mode. This image is also available on the pre-registration page on Google Play Store.

The pre-registration of the game is also in line with the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Pre-register now to get all updates on the game release.

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