PUBG New State, Apex Legends and Valorant Launch Update

  • PUBG New State
PUBG New State game Alpha testing is expected to be completed by 2021. The pre-registration of the game was already started on Google Play Store. There is also good news regarding the PUBG Mobile India Launch that conference dates regarding the release of the game is decided and to be held between 1st March to 12th March 2021. The community manager of Krafton gaming also said in a statement that they will soon take any decision regarding game release in India.
  • Apex Legends
Apex legends is also a battle royale game whose name is also popular among the games. Apex legend is a free game in which the legendary characters battle for the fame, fortune and glory on brings of the frontier. The game trailer is already launched and soon going to release on the Nintendo switch. It is expected that the game will go to release this summer. 
  • Valorant
Valorant is a PC game and the players will soon get the mobile version of the game. The game expected to be released in the summer. These three games fans are eagerly waiting for the release and the wait of the fans soon going to be over by June 2021.
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