PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal Pass Missions : Check it out here

PUBG Mobile is the most popular game worldwide and developers of the game always making continuous efforts so that game will be more interesting to play. The player of the game knows that Royale pass is one of the best ways by which players can get various exciting asking and other items in the game. Players can get the Royale passes only after completing the daily missions in the game. The developers of the game finally revealed the Week 6 missions. 

Here is the list of Season 18 Week 6 RP missions-
  • Mission First for 150 Royale Pass 
1) Players have to travel 4000m in the Air Drop Armored Vehicle only in the Classic mode. 
2) Travel 4000m in the Monster Truck to get these RP points only in the Classic Mode. 
3) Travel 15000m in the Jet Ski to get RP points in the Classic Mode. 
  • Mission Second for 75 RP Points 
1) Players have to eliminate 180 enemies with Vector in Arena. 
2) Players have to kill 15 enemies with Vector in Classic mode. 
  • If a player wants 75 RP points then use sticky bomb 10 times only in the Classic Mode. 
  • For 75 RP Points, kill 3 enemies with Pan in any mode.
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