PUBG Mobile: Steps to Redeem Code in the game

PUBG Mobile always comes up with redeem codes to reward the players of the game. The popularity of the game is increasing day by day as the developers of the game offering many rewards in the game which makes the game more excited. If a player wants to purchase skins and other accessories in the game then they want to spend UC (Unknown Cash) in the game and if a player does not want to spend UC then they have the only option to redeem the codes available. PUBG Mobile always offers various opportunities to the players of the game to collect the reward by using the redeem codes. 

Here are the steps to redeem the codes? 
  •  Visit the official redemption center (Click here) option available in the PUBG Mobile gaming app.
  •  Enter the below given important details 
a) PUBG Mobile ID 
b) Redeem Code 
c) Verification Code 
  •  Click on the Redeem button and confirm the same once the dialogue box appears. 
  • If the redemption is successfully processed, then players will get the rewards. 
  • Check the in-game mail section and collect the rewards.
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