BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice : 198,194 accounts banned permanently

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has published an anti-cheat notice on its official website according to which 198,194 accounts have been permanently banned and now the owners of these accounts will not be able to access their accounts. It has been almost two months since BGMI was launched in India and since then BGMI has published five anti-cheating reports.

BGMI is a very great battle royale game that is very much liked by Indian users and the game has been downloaded 55M times on Android and iOS devices so far. BGMI is coming up with a lot of new updates for the players and recently Krafton has posted a FAQ regarding Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions on the official website, so it is being speculated that players will soon be able to purchase BGMI subscriptions.

Ever since BGMI was launched, some players used hacks and cheat to spoil the environment of the game, and players used to complain to the BGMI developers that they bring something in the game to ban cheaters or hackers in the game. In view of the complaints of many players, BGMI is banning hackers and players who use any third-party application to purchase available rewards or UC in games, the account of those players has also become permanently banned. BGMI has released its latest anti-cheat report from August 27th, 2021 to September 2nd, 2021 in which 198,194 have been banned permanently. Today we tell you in this article that how many anti-cheat reports and for which dates have been published by BGMI and how many accounts of BGMI have been banned till now.

BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice published till now

1) BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice 1 Published from July 30 to August 5 and a total of 336,736 accounts were banned permanently.

2) BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice 2 Published from August 6 to August 12 and a total of 181,578  accounts were banned permanently.

3) BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice 3 Published from August 13 to August 19 and a total of 271,880  accounts were banned permanently.

4) BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice 4 Published from August 20 to August 26 and a total of 195,423  accounts were banned permanently.

5)  BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice 5 Published from August 27 to September 2, 2021, and a total of 198,194  accounts were banned permanently.

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