BGMI BAN PAN: Types of bans & list of activites players should avoid to get permanent ban

It has been more than two months since BGMI was released and players can enjoy HD graphics and features by downloading the game to Android or iOS devices. Battlegrounds Mobile India has been downloaded 55M times so far and the popularity of the game is increasing day by day but many players are very upset with hackers because hackers and cheaters spoil the fun of the game and make use of cheat to win the game.

PUBG Mobile bans millions of accounts every week because all these accounts use hacks and BGMI players are also demanding anti-cheating squads like PUBG Mobile to rein in hackers in BGMI too but as of now, no official announcement has been made regarding this. The developers have permanently banned more than  3 lakhs accounts because the users of all these accounts did not follow the policy of the game. Today in this article we will tell you how many types of bans are there in BGMI and how you can avoid account suspension by following some points.

Types of bans in BGMI:

There are 4 types of bans in BGMI which are given below:

1)  Permanent Ban

2) 3 Days Ban

3) 90 Days Ban

4) 30 Days Ban

List of activities players should avoid getting permanent ban in BGMI:

1) Using third-party applications to get benefits available in the game.

2) Match Fixing in the game.

3) Using another player's account.

4) Using Unauthorized programs or hardware devices. 

5) Advertising unauthorized programs.

6) Trading in the unauthorized program.

7) Distribution of unauthorized program or hardware devices.

8) Using Hacks in the game.

9) Inappropriate profile picture.

10) Inappropriate in-game names and clan names.

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