BGMI Season M3 confirmed Rewards and Release date is here : Read the complete article

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been released in the country for Android and iOS devices and players are loving this game as the features and Ultra HD graphics available in the game make it more fun. BGMI has recently completed its 50M downloads and the developers of the game bring awesome events for the players and by participating in them players can win very exciting gifts.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to launch Season M3 very early for the players and it is anticipated that the season may come between September 17th to September 19th, 2021 and this season players will get very exciting gifts on completing the Royale Pass rank. Today in this article we will discuss all the rewards that are going to be available in the BGMI season M3.

BGMI Season M3 Rewards

  • Royale Pass Rank 1 Reward

As soon as BGMI Season Rank 1 is completed, players will get a Farm Fresh set as well as a Lone Wolf QBZ weapon skin as a reward.

  • Royale Pass Rank 5 Reward

On reaching RP rank 5, players will get a reward Farm Fresh mask and one M4 RP mission card.

  • Royale Pass Rank 10 Reward

In BGMI Season M3 Elite Royale Pass, after completing the rank 10 players will get a brand new backpack skin, called Veggie Carton Backpack.

  • Royale Pass Rank 13 Reward

RP rank 13 pay players will be given an amazing Parachute skin reward which is also known as Supermarket Sale Parachute skin.

  • Royale Pass Rank 15 Reward

On reaching the 15th rank in BGMI Season M3 Elite Royale Pass, players will be given a very interesting emote called Twist Dance.

  • Royale Pass Rank 30 Reward

On reaching the 30th rank of Season M3, players will be given a grenade skin reward called Deadly Cabbage Grenade and along with this players will also get a mythic emote which is also known as Deep Fried emote.

  • Royale Pass Rank 40 Reward

On reaching rank 40, players will be rewarded with a new weapon skin M16A4 called Veggie Parcel M16A4 skin.

  • Royale Pass Rank 50 Reward

In the BGMI M3 RP season, on reaching rank 50, the users got the Deep Fried Set and its headgear, and the BGMI players were eagerly waiting for this reward.

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