BGMI APK Download, Latest version 1.8 APK and OBB Mediafire Link

Battlegrounds Mobile India was released for Indian players in the year 2021, which is also called the Indian version of PUBG Mobile because BGMI and PUBG Mobile are launched with the same features similar updates. BGMI was launched only after PUBG Mobile was banned in India. BGMI can be downloaded in 2 different ways, in which the first way is directly from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and the second way is to download and install the game through an APK file. BGMI APK Download is available only for Android users while Apple users can download it directly from App Store.

The BGMI developer has recently launched the 1.8 updates with new features and modes and the highlight of this update is the collaboration with "Spider-Man: No Way Home". BGMI Players can visit Mylta Power in Erangel to encounter the secret boss and defeat enemies with Spider-Man to get advanced supplies. Additionally, players can also get a No Way Home Web Shooter, allowing them to shoot webs at buildings alongside slowing down enemies with well-timed shots. The new map Aftermath has been released in BGMI 1.8 update, whose teaser has also been launched.

If you want to download BGMI APK, then today we are going to provide you the link to download it in this article as well as the link to download the game directly from Google Play Store or Apple App Store so that you can enjoy the features released in BGMI 1.8 Updates. 

BGMI 1.8 APK and OBB Download (Mediafire) - Click Here

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BGMI 1.8 Download From Google Play Store - Click Here (Size 755 MB)

BGMI 1.8 Download from Apple App Store - Click Here (Size 2 GB)

Players must check the storage space of their phones before downloading the above given files.

PUBG Mobile Month 7 Tier Wise Rewards

Bronze Tier reward

 10 Silver fragments

Silver Tier rewardC1S3 Mask
Gold Tier RewardOutfit C1S3 Set
Platinum Tier RewardC1S3 Cover
Diamond Tier RewardC1S3- DBS Shotgun skin
Crown Tier Reward

3 Tier Protection card

Ace Tier RewardC1SE Ace parachute
Ace Master Tier RewardClassic Create coupon scrap
Ace Dominator Tier RewardC1S3 Ace dominator avatar
Conqueror Tier RewardC1S3 Conqueror Avatar Frame
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