PUBG Mobile Season 18 : List of Royal Pass Rewards upto Rank 50

PUBG Mobile is the most exciting battle Royale game worldwide. The game is known for its high quity graphics and realistic dynamics. PUBG Mobile introduces Royale pass in every two months or with the start of a new swason in the game. This article is to cover the Season 18 Royale Pass Rewards in PUBG Mobile.
  • Rank 1 Rewards 
If a player will purchase a elite Royale pass in PUBG Mobile Season 18 then the Players having rank 1 will get the Heavenly Cadence and Electronica Hearts AUG A3 skin. 
  • Rank 15 Rewards
Rank 15 players of PUBG Mobile will be given the beautiful Royale Pass Avatar Frame. 
  • Rank 20 Rewards 
The players with Rank 20 in Season 18 will get a cool loking backpack skin which is also called as the Ensemble Backpack skin. 
  • Rank 25 Rewards 
  Rank 25 players will get the emote called as the Belly Drum Emote. 
  • Rank 30 Rewards
  Players having Rank 30 will be rewarded with Pink and Blue Harmony Airplane Finish. 
  • Rank 40 Rewards
  Players with rank 40 in Season 18 rewarded with String Ensemble Avatar. 
  • Rank 50 Rewards 
  For Rank 50 players will have option to select between the two Mythic Outfits. These outfits are based on the Season 18 neon theme. These outfits are also very colourful.
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