Viral video of Leopard and Hyena, Leopard climbs a tree for fear of Hyena

We get to see many videos of hunting animals on social media, but today we have brought such a video for you which is completely different and this is Leopard vs Hyena. It can be seen in this video that the leopard climbs a tree after being successful in hunting its prey, but after a few moments of climbing the tree, the leopard comes down. As soon as the leopard comes down, at that very moment a hyena comes near that tree, and seeing it, the leopard climbs back to the tree.

This video is becoming fiercely viral on social media and it has been shared on Instagram named Wild_animals_Creation. More than 72,000 Instagram users have written this video so far and have also made some funny comments. An Instagram user wrote, "If cat is smaller than the hyena, it wins by speed, and if it  is larger, it kills it,, The cats are victorious either way".

Viral video of Leopard and Hyena
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