People Risk their Lives in Tsunami for making Video for Views, All Disappears in a moment

To become famous on Social media, people make many different videos and there are many videos which become very popular. We also get to see many such videos in which some people risk their lives for likes or views. Today we have brought one such shocking video for you, in which some people risk their lives even after the warning of the tsunami and this video is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

It can be seen in this video that went viral, even after the tsunami warning, some people go near the waves just to make videos, and what happens after that is shocking to everyone. In this video, a boy wearing a life jacket is punching on a banana tree, while some people are running from behind with a camera in hand and making a video together. The waves of the sea are moving towards all the people very fast and the flow of the water is so fast that in a moment it takes all the people away with them. This video has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on his Twitter handle, although it is not yet confirmed where this video is from, the video that has come out is very scary.

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