Another Viral Video of Fearful Woman Paragliding will make you remind “Land Kara de” man

Social media is such a platform where any interesting video which is being liked by the users goes viral very fast. One such video of a boy paragliding "Land Kara De" went viral in 2019 and all social media users must have seen that video. Now, a new video of one such girl is going viral on social media, in which this girl is seen paragliding.

It can be seen in this video that a girl is very scared while paragliding and is telling the instructor that she is feeling very scared. The instructor tells the girl to chill, but despite this, the girl looks very scared and is unable to look down. After this, the instructor told her that her video will go viral and reminded her of the video of Vipin Sahu in 2019, which took the internet by storm. After this, the girl starts laughing and is feeling a little relaxed. Social media users are liking this video very much and give their different reactions. A Twitter user wrote "Haha even the guide cum instructor alarming "video viral ho jaaegi" uske words sahi gaye "

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