Shocking video of a Lioness coming out from a Gents TOILET goes Viral

A shocking video of Lioness has gone viral on social media, in which it can be seen that a Lioness is coming out of the public toilet. This video of Lion has been posted on a YouTube channel named "The Free Press Journal". In this video, a Lioness is exiting the gent's section of a public toilet and stands at the entrance gate for a while. This video seems to be of a jungle washroom that is no longer being used.

The caption of this video reads "Who knew lions could use washrooms just the way humans can, or even better! Turns out they do it more often than we ever imagined. A video of a lion coming out of a public toilet has gone viral, and has made people impressed about the animal's manners as it entered the washroom while receiving the 'call of nature' as one of the users said.The one-minute video shows a lion coming from a public restroom, as it inspects its surroundings, by taking its own sweet time". Netizens are giving their different reactions on this video, some are getting shocked seeing it and some are making funny comments. One user wrote "Attleast he went into the gents section".

Lioness Coming out from Gents Toilet - Viral Video
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