Paranormal activity captured on camera at UK PUB, watch the horror viral video

A video of a UK pub is becoming crazy viral on social media because the paranormal activity has been captured in the camera in this PUB. The name of this pub is Black and Gray Pub and it is located in Morpeth, Darlington. The staff of this pub also does not want to come to work because they have often noticed some strange acts here. The pub owners say they heard loud banging downstairs and were frightened the boozer was being raided after which the police were also called but everyone had left the pub by the time the police arrived.

Video footage of the pub is going viral on social media in which some "human-looking" shadows can be seen moving in the bar area of the pub. After this, the paranormal investigator was invited here, and when the investigator asked Ghost to prove its existence. The investigator placed a pen on her palm and asked the ghost to move it to prove its existence. What happened after that was very scary because after 2 seconds the pen started spinning and fell on the floor. The investigator was very scared and the man sitting with her ran away from there. This 1-minute 2-second video has been uploaded to YouTube and has been viewed by more than 60,000 users so far.

Pub's 'Paranormal Activity' Spooks Staff
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