Watch the epic reaction of elephants when they saw their caretaker after 18 months, viral video here

We often get to see videos of animals bonding with humans and today we have come up with one such heart-touching video in which elephants see their caretaker after 18 months, their reaction was to be seen. Canadian resident Darrick Thomson was appointed for the care of elephants in Thai Elephant Conservation, Chiangmai, Thailand but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, he had to return to his country. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, Darrick Thomson could not return to the Thai Elephant Conservation for 18 months as all Thailand borders were closed due to the pandemic restrictions.

It can be seen in this video that as soon as Darrick Thomson returned to work, he heard the elephants running in the river standing from afar, and as soon as the elephants heard his voice, they all rushed to him. Darrick Thomson was standing in front of all the elephants with folded hands and hearing the elephants' voices, it was as if they were all welcoming him. This video has been shared by an Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on his Twitter handle and the caption of the video reads "Canadian, Darrick Thomson works with Thai Elephant Conservation in Chiangmai. He was away for 18 months due to covid19 (all Thai boarders were closed). then). See the elephants reactions when they hear him calling on return. (As received in WA)". This video has been viewed by more than 40k users so far and more than 3000 users have liked this video.

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