Viral video of an elephant uprooted a tree to scratch its hips, its funny

A video of an elephant is going viral on social media, seeing that you will not be able to stop your laugh. In this video, an elephant comes up with such an idea to scratch its hips that everyone will be surprised to see. It can be seen in this video that an elephant is walking in the forest and then its eyes fall on a tree standing near it. The elephant goes to that tree and tries to make it fall with its trunk. In a few seconds, the elephant can bring down the tree, but you will not be able to stop your laugh after seeing what he does after falling under the tree.

After falling under the tree, you can see that the elephant reached close to it and sat on it, and started scratching its hips. Seeing such a scene in the frame would make anyone laugh. This video has been shared by IPS Rupin Sharma on his Twitter handle and in the caption of the video it is written "Scratching your bums.... when scratching your backyard". This video of the elephant is becoming fiercely viral on social media and netizens are giving their different reactions after watching this video.

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