Viral Video of Two Swans break up ice to make way for ducks in the frozen lake

On social media, we get to see the love of animals with humans and videos of birds which are very viral and which are fiercely liked by social media users. The video of such swans is becoming fiercely viral, which has been shared on Twitter. In this video, two swans make their way in the frozen lake by breaking the ice with their feet so that the ducks and geese can cross the frozen shore.

This 19-second video of swans was shared by a Twitter user named yoda4ever and the caption of the video reads "Swan pair breaks up ice for ducks and geese to swim through frozen lake". This video that has gone viral has been seen by more than 2 lakh Twitter users and users have also made very beautiful comments for the swans. A Twitter user wrote "Critters would make the best people" while another user wrote "The duck bards would sing of that magical pair in years to come"

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