Viral Video of a kid playing "rock, paper, scissors" with a Southwest Airlines employee loading luggage, watch here

An adorable video of a kid who is seen playing "rock, paper, scissors" game with an airline employee before a flight departure is going viral on social media. This video going viral is of an employee of Southwest Airlines when he is loading luggage and a child sitting in the window seat on the flight gestures to him and invites him to play "rock, paper, scissors" game. The airlines employee also agrees to play the game with the child and both start playing the game with gestures. Unfortunately the kid loses the game and both end up smiling very sweetly. After playing the game, the airline employee gets back to his work.

The video, shot at Oklahoma City in the United States, was shared on Instagram by Viral Hog and since shared it has become a funny personal favorite for its viewers. This video has got 44,748 views so far and the netizens are giving their different views. An Instagram user commented, "The best thing I've seen! Never pass up a chance to make a kid's day!."

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