Viral video of a Armenian man created world record by completing 23 pull-ups from a helicopter

A video of an Armenian man is going viral on social media, in which he is seen doing pull-ups on a helicopter. The name of the Armenian man is Roman Sahradyan, who has made a Guinness World record by doing 23 pull-ups from a helicopter. We often see people working out for fitness in the gym or park but you have never seen anyone doing pull-ups on a helicopter but the Armenian man has surprised everyone by hanging from a helicopter by doing 23 pull-ups.

The viral video was posted on the official Instagram handle of Guinness World Records. In the short video, Roman can be holding onto the landing slide of a helicopter while it took off. He then performed pull-ups expertly while hanging mid-air from the aircraft. Yes, you read that right. While posting this video, it is written in the caption "Most pull ups from a helicopter in one minute. 23 by Roman Sahradyan,". It can be seen in this video that after taking the helicopter up a bit in the air, Roman Sahradyan starts hitting pull-ups and after completing 23 pull-ups, he comes down from the helicopter. This video going viral has been liked by more than 1 Lakh users so far.

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