Viral video of a dog doing excercise with its owner, social media users loves with it

Social media is such a platform where we often get to see new funny videos which we like to watch again and again. We are also shocked after watching many videos and many videos are very adorable. A video of one such dog is becoming crazy viral on the internet, in which a dog is doing yoga with his owner. The name of this dog is "Magnus", whose yoga session in this video has won everyone's heart.

It can be seen in this viral video that Magnus is seen doing yoga with his owner. First of all, he rolls out the yoga mat and stretches to every exercise he is performing as the owner is doing it. This video has been shared on the Instagram account "magnusthetherapydog" and the caption of the video read "We include Magnus in EVERY aspect of our lives; including working out. We call this “Doga". It's amazing to see how Magnus can link together the different skills I have taught him to master completely new abilities (sic),”. More than a million users have liked this video of a dog doing yoga so far and social media users are calling this dog a perfect partner.

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