Viral video of a mother cat protecting her kittens from King Cobra, watch here

A video of a king cobra and cat is becoming crazy viral on social media, in which it can be seen how a cat is saving her kittens from the king cobra. This video has been shared on the YouTube channel 'Sad Cats' which has been liked by more than 2 lakhs users so far and more than 7K users have given their different reactions on this video so far.

In this video going viral, it can be seen that a mother cat is sitting with her kittens inside a box and a king cobra crawls near them. King Cobra attacks mother cat so that she can make her kittens prey, but Mother Cat attacks vigorously to save her Kittens. King Cobra attacks Cat 2-3 times but the cat also attacks the snake back and finally King Cobra gives up and leaves from there. In the comment section of this video a user wrote "I love how the cat looks down at it's baby for a second to make sure if it's ok after it makes a slight meow sound while another user wrote "People, in general, underestimate cats. I remember trying to pick up one of my cats after a fight with another cat and in about 1-2 seconds both hands were gashed wide open like I stuck them in a garbage disposal! After that had a whole new respect for cats in general you got 4 pairs of Ginsu knives that act like a blender (worse actually) then of course there teeth ! Not to mention incredible balance and lighting quick reflexes ! They're literally nature's perfect hunters for a reason."

mom cat protecting her kittens from Cobra
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