Viral Video of Impala acting to die to save its life from leopard, seems like a move shoot

 We appreciate the acting of actors in Hollywood or Bollywood movies, but here we have brought the video for you today, it is very surprising because this video is not of any movie but of a forest in which an impala behaves like an actor to save its life. This video, which is going viral on the internet, has been filmed by some tourists out on a jungle safari, in which it can be seen that the leopard manages to catch the impala but it does not kill it. The impala is lying near the leopard and then the impala does something that you will be surprised to see.

As soon as Leopard catches the impala, the impala starts acting like dying so seeing it killed, Leopard may go somewhere else and it will be able to save his life but as soon as the impala tries to run away from there, Leopard catches it and kills. This video, which is going viral on social media, has got millions of views so far and netizens are also sharing their different reactions to this video.

impala actor
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