Viral video of a parrot stole the running GoPro and fly, a spectacular view capured from the sky

Social media is a platform where we get to see very different videos of birds and today we have brought you a video of Fiordland National Park in New Zealand which is different from other videos. This video is from the balcony of the house where the family had kept their GoPro for the recording, when a parrot comes and sits in the balcony of the house. As soon as the parrot looks at the GoPro, it thinks that camera is something to eat and flies away with it.

In this video it can be seen that a parrot is flying in the sky with the camera and reaches the height of the sky and tries to eat it by going to a quiet place. When the parrot is unable to eat the camera, it leaves camera there and flies into the sky. According to the family, they found that camera lying on top of a rock nearby and there was no damage to the camera. This video has got millions of views so far and social media users are giving their different reactions on this video. The caption of the video read "A mischievous parrot swiped a family's GoPro at Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, capturing some magnificent mid-flight footage as it took flight with its loot. Alexandra Verheul was tramping the park's Keplar Track with her family when the The bird seized its opportunity seeing the device set down on a balcony. The curious parrot immediately took flight, all the while filming its glorious getaway - plus some extra rough and tumble with the camera, which we've cut for time. the GoPro on a large rock nearby, after they heard the birds “calling from the trees”. Well, it was fun while it lasted".

Parrot Stole the Active GoPro and Fly away
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