The association held a meeting with Amravati Association for the development works of Amravati

Amravati Colony is a recognized colony approved by Haryana Government. Whose development is Amarnath Agarwal Investment Private Limited Company. About 8/10 thousand people live in these brothels and flats, in which many VIPs and dignitaries live. Amravati Colony is looked after by the Maintenance Company. An MoU was signed between Amravati Enclave Residents Welfare Association and Amravati Company in this regard. According to the MoU, the residents of Amravati pay maintenance charges to the Amravati Company, which gets the company to do maintenance development work for Amravati. In the context of this, a meeting was held with Kulbhushan Goyal, Mayor Panchkula and Hargovind Goyal, MD, Director of Amravati Association, regarding the maintenance of Amravati Colony. 

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