Oxford’s COVID-19 Vaccine Astra Zeneca

  • AstraZeneca is an experimental Covid-19 vaccine that had been developed at Oxford University, is found to be safe.

  • It has managed to produce an immune response, meaning antibodies in early stages in all volunteers.

It is still to be noted that the trials have been recorded in the early stage only. There are still multiple trials lined up in the queue. Pune – based Serum Institute has tied up with Oxford and Astra Zeneca Serum institute to produce 1 billion doses for India.

If successful, the vaccine of covid-19 will hit the market by the year-end. Oxford trial introduced a safe like alike virus, to teach the bodies, white blood cells to learn to fight the virus. They tried this experiment and got succeed. Currently, the third phase of the trial is going on. As we don’t know that whether this defense will reduce the symptoms of virus attacking the human body or this vaccine can protect us from getting infected at all.

The vaccine has shown really good results in Stage one as well as stage two. Soon, human trials will also start for this vaccine.
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