Plants will be healthy with nano particle technology

With the help of nanoparticle technology, preparations are now being made to increase the immunity of plants. Due to this, the plants will be healthy and the yield will increase, which will benefit the farmers. In the first phase, experts of Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology (CSA) have started work on tomato, maize, paddy crops.

There will be trials on potatoes, wheat, and other crops soon. In this, there will be a study of the changes, effects, and quality of crops. A two-year study report will be sent to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Micronutrients (Micronutrients) are essential for increasing productivity by providing nutrition and immunity to the crops. They are very expensive in the form of chemical fertilizers. Under nanoparticle technology, these elements will be in one place, so that there will be no need to spray them separately. CSA Joint Director Research Dr. SC Biswas told that nanoparticles are sprayed through the spray.

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