Deer jumped 7 feet High and Crossed the road of 30 feet in single Jump, Watch the viral video

Often we get to see many interesting and laughing videos of animals on the internet. Some of these videos surprise the netizens and some bring a smile to the face. Today we have brought one such video for you, in which a deer is seen doing both the long jump and high jump, which has been shared on the Twitter handle of "WildLense®️ Eco Foundation" and this video has been forwarded by the Indian Forest Service Officer Praveen Kaswan, who often keeps posting videos of animals on his Twitter handle.

This video of deer is going viral in which it can be seen deer sprinting down the street from the opposite side as people can be heard conversing in the streets as the deer leaps. In this 30-second video, it can be seen that the deer jumps so high that the netizens are surprised to see it. This video has been filmed in slow motion, so seeing it, it seems that dear is flying in the air. This video of Dear was shared on January 15th, which has been viewed by more than 87000 users so far, and are also making funny comments on this video. One Twitter user wrote "I have had a deer jump over my Jeep. They truly are Olympic-level high jumpers!" Another wrote, "Wow never seen such a long jump from anybody but this one is literally flying".

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