Viral video of a Panda reaction after Zookeeper brings some snacks for him, watch here

A super cute video of a panda is going viral on social media, in which the zookeeper is giving him snacks and is about to see the reaction of the panda taking the snacks. This video going viral has been shared on the 'Buitengebieden' Twitter handle, which has got 865.8K views and 43.2K Likes so far. In this video clip, it can be seen that the zookeeper takes carrots and biscuits for the sleeping panda and tries to wake the panda from sleep. The woman zookeeper tries to lift the panda by touching the cart on its back and after a few seconds the panda wakes up from the need. As soon as the panda wakes up, the woman holds the carrot in one hand and biscuits in the other, and immediately the panda starts enjoying the snacks. The zookeeper then goes on her way as the panda lies on his bed and eats his snacks.

Netizens just loved how cute and relatable the panda was and flooded the comments with heartfelt messages. "Must be reincarnated as a panda," a Twitter user wrote. “Yup that’s us when I wake you to feed you,” a second user commented on this viral video.

Panda viral video
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