Fear of Russian attack: Poland made defense budget 4 percent of GDP

Poland is preparing Europe's largest army in response to threats from neighboring Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. Equipping the army with modern weapons. This year he will spend 4% of GDP on defense budget. This is double what NATO needs. This would make it the highest per capita defense spending NATO member. Poland still has Soviet-era weapons. However, even before the Ukraine war, he had started preparing to update the armies. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it has suddenly gained momentum and agreements have been made. Poland's Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszek said that in view of the attack on Ukraine and the unpredictable nature of Russian President Vladimir Putin, we have to speed up the process of modernizing the forces. The 11th Artillery Regiment, stationed on the border with Russia, used to have old-fashioned weapons until now. But only three months back they have got K9 Howitzer guns made in South Korea which can hit up to 34 miles away.

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