Funny reactions of the Animals when they perceive their looks in the Mirror, Video goes viral

We get to see a lot of viral videos of animals on social media, but today we have brought such a funny video for you which will bring a smile on your face. This is the video of animals and birds as they perceive themselves in front of a mirror. This video has been shared by an officer of Indian Forest Services on his Twitter account and has been viewed by more than 1 lakh users so far.

This video that went viral has been shot in a forest, in which a mirror is placed in the middle of the forest and animals give different reactions as soon as they come in front of it. In this 41-second video, it can be seen that when a tiger comes in front of the mirror, it feels that another tiger is standing in front of him and roars in front of the another lion. After a while tiger starts lying down in front of the mirror and gives some funny reactions. The reaction of a bird is also shown in this video, which pecks at the mirror after seeing itself in the mirror. Twitter users are giving their different reactions to this video and the caption of the video reads "How animals perceive their looks in the mirror… Mostly as competition".

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