Swan Cleans the Trash from the Water for its Kids in a Viral video, we should learn from this, watch here

Swans are birds of the family Anatidae within the genus Cygnus. The swans' closest relatives include the geese and ducks. We must have seen many such viral videos of swans on the internet, but today we have brought such a heart touching video for you that you must watch. This video of Swans is becoming fiercely viral on social media, which has been shared by an officer of Indian Forest Services on his Twitter account. This video has been viewed more than 97,000 times so far and has been retweeted by more than 2000 users.

 In this viral video, it can be seen that Swan is seen removing some plastic and trash material from the water. Swan is doing this to protect its kids who are roaming around so that its kids do not eat any plastic material. We also get a lesson from this video that we should not throw plastic bottles or any such trash material in the water which harms the living organisms in the water. The caption of the viral video reads "It cleans the trash for its kids… When will we understand this".

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