Viral Video of a Snake Doing Pole Dance at coconut tree, watch now

Have you ever seen Snake pole dancing? We know your answer will be no. So today we have brought for you a video going viral on the internet in which a snake is seen pole dancing. A viral video of a black snake has been shared on Twitter, in which a snake is seen climbing up on a coconut tree.

Looking at the video it looks like the snake is doing pole dance but this movement of the snake is called "concertina locomotion". This video is becoming very viral on the internet and is being shared fiercely. It is filmed by Gardner but where is this video from, it is not clear yet.

You will get to see a pole dancer in this snake | Latest Viral Video

Twitter user Susanta Nanda From IFS (Indian Forest Services) upload this video and said,

Snakes typically climb trees by a hold and release movement called 'concertina locomotion'. It grips two spots on a tree with S-shaped bends in its body and by coiling around a trunk multiple times.
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