Heart-touching video of a horse running behind an ambulance taking his sick sister to the veterinary hospital, video goes viral

Animals also have a great love for themselves, whose best example in today's video which we are going to share with you. A video is becoming crazy viral on social media, which has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on his Twitter account and Twitter users are retweeting this video. In this heart-touching video, a horse is seen running behind an ambulance as his sister was taken to the Veterinary Hospital in Udaipur, India for treatment after she fell ill. According to the caption of the video, the ambulance in which the horse's sister was being carried ran behind her for 5km.

Susanta Nanda shared the video and captioned it as "his horse ran behind the ambulance taking his sick sister to the veterinary hospital in Udaipur, India. The hospital kept both of them together until the mare recovered. And we think animals have lesser feelings. than us …(Via Channa Prakash)." We rarely get to see such videos of animals, but you will get emotional after watching the video of horse's love for his sister. So far 14.6KTwitter users have liked this video going viral and are also sharing their reactions by commenting. One Twitter user tweeted, "I don't think that animals have lesser feelings. All Animals SHOW pure, and unadulterated feelings AND Love.we must love animals. BE VEGETARIAN. Be Human. What Religion, Caste, Race , Borders, made Humans.....?"

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