Viral video of a leopard catches cobra from river but see what happens after that

Often we get to see many viral videos of animals on social media. We laugh a lot after watching some videos, while in some videos we get very shocked. A video of a leopard is going viral on social media, which you will be surprised to see. In this video, it can be seen that a leopard is standing on the bank of the river and it sees a big cobra there.

As soon as Leopard sees the cobra, it grabs the cobra from the water and grabs it by the mouth, and brings it out of the water. Even after making many efforts, the cobra is not able to free itself from the clutches of the leopard and becomes the food of the leopard. It can be seen in this video that the cobra bites the leopard, due to which once the leopard gets scared but later it disappears somewhere in the forest. This video has been shared on account on Instagram which has been seen by 1.7 million users so far and social media users are giving different reactions after watching this video.

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