Shocking video of a warthog catches by a herd of a lioness from a burrow but what happens after

On the Internet, we get to see many great videos of animals being hunted in the jungle and today we have brought one such video for you which is very shocking. A Pride of Lions Dug into a Warthog Burrow and manages to capture one of the 6 Warthogs sitting in the Burrow but can you imagine what would have happened to those 5 remaining Warthogs. As soon as the swarm of Lioness catches one of its prey, the remaining 5 warthogs also start running out of the burrow to save their lives and manage to save their lives but something like this happens to one of those five warthogs. Seeing this, the lioness also gets surprised. When a group of lionesses is killing Warthog, then a Warthog comes to the lioness and saves his life by jumping on top of them, seeing that the lionesses are also surprised.

This video, which is going viral on social media, has been shared on 'lions.insane' Instagram account, which has got 3,584 likes so far. While sharing this video, her caption read, "NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS A Pride of Lions Dug into a Warthog Burrow. They ended up Dragging 1 of the Warthogs Out. The Other 5 Warthogs Managed to Escape with the last 1 Heading Straight towards the Lions then Skipping Over them like an Olympic Hurdler." Netizens are giving their different reactions on this video. One user commented and wrote "So violent, so many mouths to feed, so sad for the prey, yes I know it's nature."

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