Amazing Video of a dog singing a song while playing piano goes viral, watch here

Internet is such a platform where we get to see many great videos of animals which are very viral and today we have brought such a video of a dog for you which is very funny. In this viral video, a pet dog is seen playing the piano and the funniest thing about this video is that he is also singing a song after playing the piano. This video has been shared on the YouTube channel 'Buddy Mercury' which has got 21,03,942 views so far.

In this video going viral, it can be seen that the brown and white color dog is standing on the piano in the house and after pressing the piano keys with his feet, he has also been singing. Dog likes to sing songs so much that he repeatedly goes to sing by pressing Piano key. The owner of the dog has filmed this video on his phone, which is becoming very viral on the internet. Netizens is giving different reactions after watching this video. One YouTube viewer commented, "He does enjoy good music... Look at his tail wagging, as he performs... Dogs are so like us... Awesome job Buddy! While another user wrote, "I taught voice on the university level for over 30 years and none of my students could ever sing as well as Buddy!"

Dog singing a song while playing the piano
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