Viral video of mother monkey failed to protect its baby from leopard

We often get to see many viral videos on social media, in which we see the love of a mother towards her child. Today we have brought a similar video for you which is very emotional in which a baby monkey is attacked by a leopard and what happens after that is a very painful incident. In this video going viral on social media, it can be seen that a leopard sees baby monkey on the tree and secretly climbs the tree to hunt it. As soon as Leopard reaches the tree, Baby Monkey sees it and tries to jump on another branch to save its life but fails to do so. As soon as the baby monkey tries to jump, Leopard grabs it in its paws and hunts it down.

After hunting the baby monkey, Leopard comes down from the tree and then Mother Monkey tries to free her child from its clutches and as soon as Leopard sees that the monkeys are following him, it leaves the baby monkey on the ground and run to save its life. According to the video going viral, Mother Monkey carries her baby around with her for a week as if she feels as if her baby will be alive again. So far 2,18,20,267 views have been received on this video and NetGenes is giving its different reactions on this video.

Mother Monkey Hold Baby One Week After Failed To Protect From Leopard
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