Shocking video of a leaopard attacks on a pet dog, what happen next n viral video

We often get to see many funny videos of animals on social media and today we have brought such a video for you in which a leopard comes to attack the pet dog. This video has been shared on YouTube, in which it can be seen that a dog is sitting comfortably in a park when a leopard comes out of the middle of the trees and tries to attack the dog. If the dog starts attacking the dog with its claws, then the dog gets very scared and turns backward.

Seeing the leopard standing nearby, the dog gets very scared and starts barking loudly. Some people standing there have shot this video on their phones. The leopard waits to stand near the dog and after staying there for some time, leaves without attacking the dog. This video has been saved on a YouTube channel named 'Rajib Kumar Rai vlogs' which has been liked by 28k users so far. After watching this video people are giving different reactions. One user wrote "That scream saved that dog's life totally messed with that leopard lol he was so confused was like f this and walked away" while another user wrote "OMG, That saved himself from becoming a meal to the enemy. I have never heard a dog send off an SOS before. His cry for help is what keeps the leapord away."

Shocking video of a leaopard attacks on a pet dog
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