Lunar eclipse will be visible only from Imphal

The long duration lunar eclipse going to take place after 580 years will be visible in India only from Imphal. This eclipse going to happen on November 19 will be the last lunar eclipse of this year. The total eclipse will be of six hours and two minutes. 98 percent of the Moon will remain within the eclipse.

A retired astronomer from the Indian Institute of Star Physics, Bangalore.  According to Prof. RC Kapoor, due to the day in India, this eclipse will not be visible in most parts of the country. This eclipse can be seen for a few minutes in the form of a thin streak on the moon in the evening in Manipur's capital Imphal and its border area.

The eclipse shadow will start at 11:32 am Indian time, while the shadowed partial eclipse will start at 12:49 pm. The eclipse will peak at 2:33 am, in which 98 percent of the Moon will be in the grip of the eclipse. After that, the eclipse will start to fade away. At 4:17 pm, the moon will be free from the shadow eclipse. After this, the shadow eclipse will end at 5:34 pm. The shadow of a penumbral eclipse is so fine that it cannot be seen. The shadow eclipse in India will last for one hour and seven minutes.

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