Viral Video of fight between Snake and Mongoose on the road, see who won

A video of a snake and mongoose fight is going viral on social media, which has been filmed by some people passing through the road on their phones. In this video it can be seen that a snake is sitting spreading its hood in the middle of the road, only then Mongoose see that snake and comes near to hunt it. The snake repeatedly attacks the mongoose to save its life but the mongoose manages to save its life. After this, the mongoose attacks the snake and grabs the snake's neck but the snake rid itself of mongoose. The mongoose attacks the snake again and finally, it manages to hunt the snake. After hunting the snake, Mangoose takes it and goes to the forest.

This video of the Snake and Mongoose fight has been shared on a YouTube channel named 'Srabon Entertainment'  and viewed by more than 2 lakhs users and 803 users have liked it. Social media users are giving their different reactions to this video. One user wrote "I'm amaze how the mongoose bite the cobra head.two dumb ups for the mongoose."

Fight between Snake and Mongoose on the road
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