Shocking viral video of elephant attacks on a car, see what happens after that in this viral video

Social media is such a platform where we often get to see many viral videos of animals but have you ever seen an animal attacking a car parked on the road. A video of an elephant is going viral on social media in which it is attacking the vehicle. This video has been shared on Instagram on an account named 'wild_animals_creation'.

It can be seen in this video that the elephant goes near the car parked on the road. First, he looks at the car for a while and then suddenly attacks it with his trunk and tries to brain the tire of the car. After this, he goes in front of the car and tries to sit on top of the bonnet. We all know the weight of the elephant and as soon as the elephant sits on the bonnet of the car, the vehicle gets damaged very badly. The caption of the video reads, "Elephant attack on the car." Netizens are getting fierce reactions after watching the video. One Instagram user wrote, 'Some animals just can't be stopped.'

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