A viral video of a leopard chasing Monkey on a tree has an interesting ending

Today we have brought you one such interesting video of a monkey and leopard which is becoming fiercely viral on social media. According to the description of this video posted, this video is being told of the reserve of Sri Lanka, which has been captured by the tourists on the jungle safari on their camera. In this video going viral, a leopard climbs a tree to hunt a monkey, and to save its life, the monkey comes down from the tree, but the leopard also tries to hunt the monkey with all its energy. As soon as the monkey comes down from the tree, the leopard also comes down, but the monkey climbs the tree again to save itself from the leopard and you will be surprised to see what happens after that. As soon as the monkey starts climbing the tree, the leopard also climbs back on the tree behind it and on reaching the top of the tree, as soon as the monkey jumps to go to the other branch of the tree, the leopard also jumps and catches the monkey and hunts it.

This viral video of Leopard and Monkey has been shared on the 'big_cat__namibia' page on the social media handle Instagram, which has received 35,384 likes so far. Instagram users are also fiercely sharing their reactions to this video. An Instagram user posted a comment on the video, writing "ven monkeys are not safe on trees. That scary. I wouldn't want to find myself in that situation."

Leopard chasing down a Monkey in a tree
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