PUBG Mobile Lite BC: 3 best items to purchase using Battle Coins

PUBG Mobile Lite is a worldwide popular game due to low system requirements and battle royale entertainment. The popularity of the game is increasing day by day and many new players are joining the game daily. PUBG Mobile Lite is always bringing something new for its players so that the interest of the players in the game is always maintained. The developers of the game can download the recently released PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 global update directly from the Google Play Store or visit the official website of PUBG Mobile Lite to download the APK file and install the new update on their device.

There are many such items in PUBG Mobile Lite that players can purchase only using in-game currency battle coins (BC). Today in this article we will tell about 3 such best items which you can purchase using Battle Coins (BC).

  • Upgradable Weapons

Upgradable Weapons skin is counted as one of the best items of PUBG Mobile Lite which you can purchase using BC. Krafton has recently launched a lot of weapons skins in the game like AKM and M416 which the players can also upgrade and paint using the materials as per their requirement.

  • Winner Pass

There are 2 types of winner pass available in the PUBG Mobile Lite game, the first Elite Upgrade and the second Elite Upgrade Plus. If we talk about the cost of Elite Upgrade, then it is 280 BC available for the players and if we talk about Elite Upgrade Plus winner pass, its cost is 800 BC. So players can buy Winner Pass using Battle Coins.

  • Outfit bundles

Using PUBG Mobile Lite BC, you can purchase outfit bundles in which a lot of different outfits are available and if we talk about their cost, then the cost of each individual bundle can vary.

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